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    News >> Company news >> What are the influences of intelligent logistics transportation equipment?



    What are the influences of intelligent logistics transportation equipment?


    Intelligent processing technology is applied to the internal decision-making of the enterprise. It can make decisions on the needs of logistics customers, commodity inventory, and logistics intelligent simulation through analysis of a large amount of logistics data. Realize logistics management automation (acquisition of data, automatic classification, etc.), logistics operations are efficient and convenient, and change the image of China's logistics warehousing enterprise "Culi" company.

    Intelligent logistics can reduce logistics storage costs. The logistics intelligent acquisition technology enables logistics to move from passive to active, realizes the active acquisition of information in the logistics process, actively monitors the transportation process and goods, and actively analyzes the logistics information, enables logistics to be tracked and managed from the source, and achieves information flow faster than actual logistics.

    Intelligent transfer technology is applied inside the logistics enterprise and can also realize the external logistics data transfer function. Improve service quality, speed up response time, promote customer satisfaction, and integrate logistics supply chain links more tightly.

    The application of intelligent technology in logistics management optimization, forecasting, decision support, modeling and simulation, global logistics management, etc. makes logistics companies' decisions more accurate and scientific. With the help of intelligent logistics, China's logistics enterprise informatization will reach a new level, and at the same time, it will promote the situation of information sharing in the logistics industry.

    Impact of the Internet of Things on logistics informatization

    First, openness.

    In the past, creating an information system was to manage its own processes and resources, build an open system, and exchange and share social and external information. At the same time, it also had the opportunity to release its own information to the society. This openness improves the level of operations An inevitable trend.

    In this open process, some popular technologies, such as positioning technology and sensor technology, will become the key technical means to achieve openness. At the same time, we also need to recognize that the main issue restricting openness is security. At the present stage, to solve security problems, one depends on technology, the other depends on processes, the third depends on law, and the fourth depends on internal management. Security issues are constantly changing, including awareness of security issues and tolerance. This change constantly adjusts the balance between openness and security, which also promotes the system to gradually open itself. In the new era, we need to build an open system, and how to balance the open system and security. Considering the relationship between these two aspects, as well as related technologies and resources, are needed to promote the openness of the system. Factors to consider.

    Second, dynamic.

    Adapting to the rapidly changing external environment and improving refined management requirements are important requirements for enterprise development. When system dynamics are required, location information services will become the foundation. Positioning information is that the collected information contains two basic elements: identification and time and space. Positioning information is bundled with other status information to form the "information element" of dynamic logistics management. Other management information can be loaded on it, and temperature, pressure, humidity and other information can be added to it. Use sensor technology to bundle and dynamically manage what information is tied to it. Therefore, identification information plus spatio-temporal information becomes a bundled information element, which can form a public service of dynamic information. Public information platform.

    On the other hand, the dynamic regulation of transportation networks and the socialization of services will determine the dynamic process of logistics management.

    Third, concentration.

    The application of information technology in the integration of network resources and the management of processes is becoming increasingly apparent. If information is not concentrated, it cannot be processed and improved. Therefore, this centralized management is conducive to improving the information processing and service capabilities. At the same time, the talents of information processing services are scarce. Only when they are concentrated can they invest in the construction of data centers. Therefore, we will see that the centralized management of information is a very important feature of information construction. At the same time, we also see that technologies that promote information service outsourcing, such as cloud computing services, have also developed rapidly. Data mining, knowledge management technology, and talent demand have risen rapidly. These are changes brought about by concentration.

    Fourth, key technologies.

    Some key technologies will be developed rapidly. The first is identification and collection of information technology, including RFID, sensors, etc .; the second is mobile communication technology, including mobile wireless communication technologies such as 3G network, and even 4G network; the third is intelligent terminal. Compared with the informationization of other industries, the logistics informationization Two types of equipment unique to China, airborne terminals and handheld terminals, will be developed rapidly. Studying the differences between these two smart terminals will reflect the way things and people are managed in the age of the Internet of Things. The fourth is location services. Location-based services are very popular. The fastest-growing location services are provided by smartphones. The fifth is business intelligence technology. Once management is transferred to rely on information processing and information processing, business intelligence technology is used for processing. When processing and processing information to make decisions and add value, business intelligence technology will become hot.

    Fifth, the data center.

    Data centers are often neglected areas, but in the process of promoting the Internet of Things, there may not be unified answers to various problems encountered. However, with the emergence of cases, we find that these cases reflect the data center economic entities Success. We see the most successful cases now, the fastest-growing entities, which are all data center types.

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